Thom' Luka (luka91) wrote in photologists,
Thom' Luka

Night and Day

One instering thing is that, taking that second image, I was standing in almost the same place as when I took the next one, but obviously at very different times of the day. In both cases, it was the clouds that made me take them, even if it was really close I never took that image above. Had the camera with me, and saw the light in the clouds, but.. thought it was looking sort of good, pondered the idea of taking a photo of it but thought I wouldn't. Then I changed my mind and stopped to take, in fact, two images. The one below was late in the evening, at about 10 p.m. and it was really cold and raining, but something I like is very dark clouds. Especially if they cover only half the sky, where you have the sun shining from the other direction and everything is lit up by the sun, against those very dark clouds. When I took this one, it was slightly too late to get that sun, even if the sky was more or less free of clouds in the direction where the sun was. Actually, was a touch sad before taking the image, wishing it had been some sun to lit buildings. Stopped anyway to take this.

That last shot is actually taken the same evening, only about 15 - 20 mins later. Still some rain, but the sky had turned way brighter and bluer. What's amazing with the image is the fact that, it being so dark etc, the exposure is 4 seconds. And I didn't have a tripod. Was resting the elbows on the rail on a bridge. Still.. at 4 seconds, it shouldn't matter how much support you're having.. Love the way it turned out anyway, with a sort of weird, ghostly atmosphere/mood.
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