Thom' Luka (luka91) wrote in photologists,
Thom' Luka


I became surprised, getting a comment and rating on 2 of the pictures I've got in BareLens.

Uploaded some pictures there a long time ago..

I had checked some of the photo-communities which has a themed contest every week, and that week it was "Body". Weren't that interested in submitting any images for that etc, but got sort of curious, and wondered what image I would take if I had wanted to submit anything..

Thought about something, and had energy and said.. "Gotta test that.. ".

Spent an hour, or something taking pictures of myself.. The camera hooked up to the TV, so I could see what I was doing, the camera on the floor pointing upwards and the photo-light elevated up to the ceiling pointing downwards..

Had two problems.. (well.. 3 really, if you count moving at the same time as you looked at the TV-screen). One had to do with getting the light in the camera. Obviously nothing the camera liked that much. Then focus. When I bent down to set the timer, the camera focused on.. well.. nothing, since I had bent down and wasn't in the position it should focus on.. Came up with an answer.. If I blew out smoke at the same height as my head, when I was in position, that was enough to make the camera focus on something..

Wasn't sure about the images.. I thought it was something, but not if it was anything worth going on with, so I posted it in one or two communities.. artinnudity being one of them, I think..

Actually, got fairly good comments about the image.. including some who wondered if I were anywhere close to them, and able to photograph them..

"Wow! The first one especially, but both are great!!!!!!! How did you do them?"

"... by the way, those are AMAZING photos."

"The lighting and the silouight are amasing man good job. :D"

Great pictures.
Haven't seen something like this in a while."

"Beautiful! "

"I think those are really cool shots, and I'm not usually into artsy stuff."

"I love your use of angles and lighting. :) It's a shame you live so far, otherwise I'd pay you to photograph me."

Felt really good reading that..

But.. now.. Close to a year later.. Someone had commented in BareLens.. and rated one of the images a 9 and the other a 10 (out of 10), and.. well.. it sure was a surprise.. that someone had found them.. and.. liked them such a lot.. (By the way.. the one I posted up there, was the one that got a 9.. ).

Sometimes, it feels so good getting some nice feedback. Sort of needed something like that..
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