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Capturing the light of the world

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Photology [PHOTO-, -LOGY], n. The Science of Light.

This is a community for showing photographs.

Nothing else.

There will be no contests, no themes.. nothing but images.

It doesn't matter if you have a digital camera or a camera with film. It doesn't matter if you use photoshop to enhance the images, or prefer to post them "raw".
It's the images as such that's important, but it would be nice if they aren't too photoshoped, but actually have something that resembles actual photographs.
Nobody will stop anyone from posting manipulated images, but the less filters used the better.

Now, this is a Closed community, in the sense that one can't just join and start to post images.

Only members are able to post, even if, of course, all are able to enjoy the images and comment on them.

The reason for that is the fact that there's way more people calling themself photographers out there, than actual photographers. I want to try to limit this community to those that actually has a serious interest in photographing.

Now, obviously, it's hard to say that someone has a serious interest in photography or not, but I'll try to work out a way of approving members. The ones who wants to join, would first of all, have to contact me, and preferably show some examples of their work, in some way. Through e-mail, links to photojournals or sites etc.

One way, would be to.. invite people. I've inviteded some people I think belongs here, among those on my friends list. Obviously, if some of the members in this community know someone they like as a photographer, and think they'd be interested in posting here, they're very welcomed to suggest them.
Maybe this could be a community, which is invititation only, where we get to know each others friends etc.. and the friends of those..

The main idea of this communtiy is to post images, but obviously to make it a nice, working community, it would be nice with some interaction between the members.

That way some info about the images are welcomed. And no.. That doesn't mean things like camera, settings etc. Just general thoughts about the picture. Maybe what you saw in the image, or what you wanted to do. Which I think most photographers are far more interested in, than the data in the EXIF file or something.

It would also be nice if the members posted helpful "tutorials", as in how they've made the frames they're using for their images, and things like that.

Obviously, one way to know each other, is to let others know about you. Post some kind of bio, what your thoughts and dreams and wishes about photography are.

Another thing.. It would be good if you had a banner, that links to either your site or to your journal or your photo-journal, which I could post in this Bio. Then you'll have to mail them to me, and say where you want the link to go, and I'll post them here..

I've got one single rule. Every image should, of course be photographed by the member, and the copyright should be stated along with the image. Either in the image or in the frame.


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