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- 15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit)

I love snow..

One of the things I would miss the most by moving somewhere else, would be the seasons (if I moved somewhere where there's not so defined seasons). I want a white winter, a colorful autumn, bright and warm summer evenings etc.

The one thing I don't like is early spring. It's lovely when it's "pre-summer", and there's regular warmth as well as flowers and leaves starting to show. Before that, it's grey, muddy and you don't know from day to day what to wear, it being cold one day and warm the other. Also, I still haven't been able to figure out what to photograph in spring. Spring is sort of anonymus when it comes to look. The closest thing, is showing a new flower surrounded by patches of snow. Except that.. there's nothing much. No identity.

Still.. Now it's winter. When I look out the window, there's about a foot of compact snow. The bushes and trees being heavy with snow. There's a lot I doesn't like with winter. It's dark a lot of the time, not helped by the fact that it's often cloudy and grey, making the little litght there is being just boring, and certainly not photographic. I don't like the cold, because you need to put on tons of clothes (Summer is nicer, because you're ready to go out in, like, 10 seconds). In the winter, you always have to sort of prepare if you're gonna go out etc.

Still.. When it comes to look, nothing beats winter. A dark evening with big snowflakes falling towards the ground, the landscape having a very soft look as it's covered by a white blanket of snow which only, at times, hints at what's hiding beneath it. The other seasons rarely are spectacular, but winter very often can be just that. Walking outside a clear, cold, dark evening with the snow being all sparkly. A bright, cold sunny day, when all is sort of extremely clear.

I've tried photographing winter many times, but never been close to get anything that even hints at the beauty I see in winter. I guess one reason being that the camera do provide a limited view. It's lovely to see the lights and shadows in the uneven snow on a field, but there's no way to capture it in the camera. A "mountain" of snow that's been ploughed up might look totally great, but it's impossible to get any good photographs of it because.. if you photograph it without the surroundings, you only get a whitish photograph that doesn't make much sense, while if you photograph it with the surrounding area, you lose the details, making it all look flat. It's hard to photograph snow with the right exposure. All the white has a way of tricking the light meter. If you make it too dark, the snow is just gonna be grey and boring, if you overexpose, the snow's gonna be the bright it is, but you're gonna lose all details making the photograph being just a flat white.

I think I had success capturing the beauty of autumn back in October. Sure getting it a lot better than I've ever done before, and now I've actually been able to photograph winter and getting photos I'm actually happy with. They might not be the best ever, but at least I feel the result was A/ Good enough B/ Way, way closer than I've ever been before, in capturing things that make me love winter.

(Now, despite not liking spring that much, I'll see if I'm able to capture spring (I guess, with my feeling towards spring, I'd be able to capture it in very boring photos :-p), and then be able to capture "Summer" (Even if summer is more about a feeling, rather than look).

One thing with photographing winter. When it's a decent temperature outside, where you don't freeze your butt off, it's usually on cloudy, grey days, which doesn't suit photographing in. When it's clear and sunny, it's usually something like - 15 C outside, making it hard to photograph for any lenght. When I photographed these, I was outside photographing for about an hour (Actually, it was a combination of taking the camera with me, with the intent of photographing, and having to go and get some money and getting to the store to buy food etc). Towards the end, the fingers and toes really started to hurt, becoming extremely unpleasant when I got into the warm store and the blood started to come back). One thing I hate about winter is that. Especially if you're outside long enough to get really cold fingers, because the pain you feel when you get inside is among the worst I know. It's really the kind where you simply don't know where you're gonna go or do, and if it's really bad you really feel like taking an axe and cut off your hands. :(





This, technically, might not fit among winter images, except for the traffic sign being covered with snow. The thing I like about it, is the brick lit by the orangish sun, making it so bright, contrasting against the blue, and in shadow, sign. The interesting thing is the way that the balconys etc of that house in the background, created shadows that very much mimic the sign, and making it possible to surround, sort of like a drop shadow, the sign. And, yes.. I actually shot it conciously in that way. It wasn't the reason I took the image, that was the sign against that background, but when I was gonna photograph it, I saw that it was possible to get that effect with the shadows, and moved to a place where i could get it that way.



This one was extremely hard to get. It might not sound much to some of you, but I actually shot 5 photos of this. Usually I take only 1 or 2 photos of about everything. The combination of getting a sharp image in "Super-Macro" mode of my Olympus (Allows you to get about an inch from the subject), as well as get a decent exposure.





The last two was taken outside of the Public Baths (indoors) here, where they have a heated outdoor pool (Actually, it's an inside pool which extends outside, as well as having water slides which, even if the slides are outside of the building, you enter and leaves inside. Obviously, that heated pool creates a lot of steam when it's cold outside. Better seen in this image:

This community is about everything but rating pictures. Still.. I'm curious, and it's not against the rules. I'm not gonna forbid anyone to do this, if they want to.

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